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At the time when I was searching around for decent one-way courses, I was given a few schedules to act as inspiration.

Derek Cottington - Wales

Alan Richards - Baldock to Great Yarmouth

George Hunton's 1989 version of the course.

Vic Haines and Chris Worsfold A12

Sue Wright on A12
(curiously, this doesn't have any split times - surprised it wasn't rejected)

Ward and Hayes on Bowes Moor

And a couple of schedules featuring Pitt & Longland.
One running south-east past Cambridge to end at Ipswich...

...and one using the A12 without the detour into Chelmsford.
This was definitely one for the courageous, because you had to deal with the M25 junction in the early miles. 
And then several instances which needed you to move out a lane to avoid sliproads off.
However, it would definitely be faster than the course I used.

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