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This page covers activity in 2008 and 2009

There were two attempts at records, both successfully yielding two records each.

2008  RRA #35  12 hours tandem-tricycle with Paul Mace  262 miles
2008  RRA #36  Land's End to London tandem-tricycle with Paul Mace  13h 37m 35s for 290 miles

2009  RRA #37  12 hours tandem-tricycle with Paul Mace  273.2 miles
2009  RRA #38  London to Edinburgh tandem-tricycle with Paul Mace  19h 15m 51s for 380 miles

Report on Land's End to London 2008 with Paul **      Schedule for Land's End to London 2008

Messages received around the time of the ride   Actual times, Weather charts, and a letter

Media mentions: Bucks Free Press article 1   Bucks Free Press article 2

** To clarify the comment at the end of the report, despite the 12 hour being around 262 miles, only the final 150 would have to be measured because the RRA already had measurements from Land's End to Exeter.

We had it easy.  Check out this marvellous article from a 1936 edition of The Bicycle, covering Innes and Thompson's tandem-bicycle ride over the route.  I'm guessing the photo was not taken immediately after the finish.
(Also included are the names of the 12 riders in the North Road Invitational 50.  This race would attract the best 12 riders each year, and was a high prestige event)

The Powneys from Kingston Phoenix RC were great tandem bicycle riders in the 1950s.
Here's a report on their Land's End to London record ride from 1955 
(swiped from the KPRC Facebook page - hope that's ok)

Report on London to Edinburgh 2009 with Paul   Schedule for London to Edinburgh

In 2008, I also submitted schedules for York to Edinburgh with my brother Tim.  We didn't do the ride.

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