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This page covers activity in 1995

There were three rides, all successes, yielding five records.

1995  RRA #11 Liverpool to London solo tricycle 8h 56m 58s for 200 miles

1995  RRA #12 Pembroke to London solo tricycle 11h 33m 58s for 242 miles
1995  RRA #13 12 hours solo tricycle 251.6 miles

1995  RRA #14 London to York solo tricycle 8h 42m 20s for 200 miles
1995  RRA #15 12 hours solo tricycle 257.5 miles

Report for Liverpool to London     Schedule for Liverpool to London

Some press cuttings, reports and those tricky weather charts.

Not mentioned in the report, but when we were looking for somewhere to stay in Liverpool, we asked for help at a Police Station in Speke.  Their response was to laugh & say "nothing around here unless you want the wheels nicked from your car!".  But they then did give us some decent advice so all was well.  A hotel with a secure car park and inside storage for the tricycles.  Tick.

Report for Pembroke to London   Schedule for Pembroke to London and 12 hour

Timechecks, phonecalls, a letter and course measuring.

This ride was certainly all hooked together at the last minute, but was a good day racing against a tight record.

Report for London to York and 12 hour    Schedule for London to York and 12 hour

Weather charts, press cuttings, and figuring out how to get through Hatfield.

For the third consecutive year, I submitted schedules for the London to Brighton and back.

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