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This page covers activity in 1991

There were three rides, with four records, and one failure.

1991  RRA #3 London to Bath and back solo tricycle 10h 19m 0s for 211 miles

1991  RRA #4 12 hours solo tricycle  248.75 miles
1991  RRA #5 Edinburgh to London solo tricycle 19h 27m 54s for 375 miles
1991  RRA #6 24 hours solo tricycle 447 miles

1991  Failed at RRA Birmingham to London solo tricycle missed record by 2 minutes

Success at the third attempt !

Report for London to Bath and back     Schedule for London to Bath and back      A few extra bits

Looking at my training diary for 1991, I see that I rode the Polytechnic 25 a few days before the Bath & back.  I recorded 54.00 on my bicycle.   A few days after the Bath & back, I clocked 58.06 for 25 miles on my tricycle.   Both of those rides were and still are my personal best times.

I had my first Edinburgh to London schedules rejected.  I had wanted to make two attempts at the 12 hour record during the bigger ride.   One of them would begin at the Edinburgh start and the other at the top of Soutra.  But the Secretary wasn't having it.  So I had to conform....

Report for Edinburgh to London with 12 hours and 24 hours    Schedule for Edinburgh to London + 12 + 24 hours

Press cuttings and a few other items.   Schedules for Edinburgh-London from other riders.

A few weeks after this ride, I recorded 21.06 for 10 miles on my bicycle.  Another personal best that is still current.

Report for failed Birmingham to London     Schedule for Birmingham to London

(I also submitted a schedule for London to York using the A10 route out of London, similar to my choice of approach from Edinburgh above)
(And also Cardiff to London)

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