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This page covers activity in 1990

There were three rides, yielding two records, but two failures.

1990  Failed RRA London to Bath and back solo tricycle abandoned at 160 miles (50 miles to go)

1990  RRA #1 50 miles solo tricycle 1h 45m 50s
1990  RRA #2 100 miles solo tricycle 3h 41m 11s

1990  Failed RRA 25 miles solo tricycle missed by 2 minutes

Report of failed Bath and back #2     Schedule for London to Bath and back

You always learn from failures.  But I had to hope that my 'learning' wasn't that I had no chance if I tried again.

For interest, the schedule used by Bob Addy in 1976 for the bike record

Report for 50 miles and 100 miles     Schedule for 50 and 100 miles

After this ride, I received a note from the RRA Secretary, suggesting that I'd put the record 'on the shelf' for many years...

A few pieces of press coverage.

(In 1991, the very next year, Dave Pitt took the 50 & 100 records from me.   50 in 1:41:58    100 in 3:39:51.   Cycling Weekly report)

There are a few 'favourite' courses for these one-way distance records.  Here are a few schedules I was supplied with at the time.

Report for 25 miles failure     Schedule for 25 miles record

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