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This page covers activity in 1998

There were six rides, all successes.

1998  Southern RRA London to Worthing and back solo tricycle 5h 28m 47s for 115 miles

1998  RTTC #6  10 miles tandem-tricycle with Liz Milne 21m 1s

1998  RTTC #7  12 hours tandem-tricycle with Liz Milne 258.26 miles

1998  RTTC #8  50 miles tandem-tricycle with Liz Milne 1h 53m 35s

1998  RTTC #9  30 miles tandem-tricycle with Liz Milne  1h 7m 19s

1998  North & West Home Counties RRA
         Winchester to Wantage and back solo tricycle    3h 58m 56s for 80 miles

This was the year I got my own tandem-tricycle.  The first co-pilot was Tim, on a damp morning on the Q10/19.

The record-attempt season started with a solo effort.

Brief report on London to Worthing and back     Schedule for Worthing and back

In June, Gerry Lewis and I had a go for the RTTC 24 hour record.  We weren't successful, but we have a few photos and a brief report.

Report of Three Records in August with Liz 

Charlotteville 10 result     ECCA 12hr result      RT East 50 result

(the 10 mile record lasted a year before Steve Brown and Christine Minto smashed it with 20.06)

(the 50 mile record lasted 5 years before Steve Brown and Christine Minto took a minute off)

We entered a Norwich 100 a week or two after this, but didn't start.  Not sure why, but maybe Liz had BBAR priorities.

But anyway, we hadn't finished for the year, because we were looking at the Border CA 30 and a time to be of 1.07.36

Little more to report than we sneaked in with 1.07.19 for a 4th record in 6 weeks.   Border CA 30 result

(but the very next year, Steve Brown and Christine Minto took 1m 40s off.  Sigh.)

And finally, this. (another solo ride)

Brief report for Winchester Wantage and back     Schedule for Winchester Wantage and back

Also in this year, I tried to get Nik Gardiner interested in racing the tandem-tricycle.  We did a couple of races, planned a few things ... but nothing really happened.  

We may or may not have submitted these schedules:   Lon-York   Bath & back   Portsmouth & back

(I don't think the York one can possibly have been published because it says 1997.  I didn't own the machine until 1998!)

But he wasn't all that keen, so I needed to find another tandem partner.

For a while I harrassed our late friend Gary Dighton and we rode a 50 to see how it went.   We had a tough day, but I think also we didn't work all that well together.      Result sheet

So again I needed to find another tandem partner.

I tapped up Dave Johnson, and he was curious enough to give it a try...

When we entered the ECRA 10, the record to beat was 20.23.

On the day we recorded 20.17.

Unfortunately between those two dates the record had become 20.05.  Unlucky.

Result Sheet (incl comment in editorial section)

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