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This page covers activity in 2005

There were four attempts, all successful.

2005  North & West Home Counties RRA 
         Winchester to Wantage and back tandem-tricycle with Marina Bloom  3h 38m 6s for 81 miles

2005  North & West Home Counties RRA 
         Watford to Banbury and back tandem-tricycle with Dave Johnson  4h 45m 13s for 109 miles

2005  North & West Home Counties RRA 
         Oxford to Cambridge and back tandem-tricycle with Marina Bloom  7h 10m 2s for 160 miles

2005  RTTC #15  24 hours tandem-tricycle with Dave Johnson  467 miles

This year we were quite serious about the 24 hour.  I chose to prepare by getting several longish Regional record attempts in the diary.
I can't remember if Dave wanted to do his training in a different way, but as can be seen I only did one of the three preparation rides with him...

Report of Winchester-Wantage and back with Marina  Schedule for Winchester Wantage and back

Report of Watford-Banbury and back with Dave   Watford Banbury schedule   A very windy day.

Report of Oxford-Cambridge and back with Marina    Oxford Cambridge schedule

And so we approached the 24 hour.

Report of the 24 hour - with Dave

This was also the year when I lost a great friend and supporter of my activities.   John Dalton had been on several of my record attempts including the End to End in 1992, but his particular input to almost every attempt was in the form of weather advice.   He had many years of meteorological experience, and properly understood the nature of record attempts.  In the days when the technology wasn't as advanced as now, I would call in at his house daily, with fax printouts of pressure charts in my hand...

 Bucks Free Press tribute to John Dalton

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