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This page covers activity in 1993

There were five (or four) rides, with four successes.

1993  RRA of Scotland 12 hours solo bicycle 257.5 miles
1993  RRA of Scotland Gretna Green to John o'Groats solo bicycle 18h 16m 17s for 360 miles

1993  RRA #8 London to Portsmouth and back solo tricycle 6h 30m 40s for 146 miles

1993  Failed at RRA London to Brighton and back solo tricycle missed record by 6 seconds

1993  RTTC #4 12 hours solo tricycle 255.884 miles

1993  Failed to get to the start of RRA Land's End to London.  Car broke down in Cornwall on a Sunday night.

I'm not entirely clear on the timing for this, but it must've been around now that John Dalton retired from RAF Odiham's meteorological office.   This left me in the position of still having access to John's knowledge and experience, but not the daily feed of data.

Fortunately, although the process escapes me, we managed to arrange a supply of forecast intelligence via a contact at RAF Shawbury by the name of Dave Richardson.   John would call him when we thought (from publicly available data) that there was a chance of weather suitable for record-breaking.

Off the back of the End to End, I discovered the existence of the RRA of Scotland.  And this time I rode my bike.

Report for Gretna Green to John o'Groats and 12 hour     Schedule for Gretna Green to John o'Groats

Some press cuttings and other related stuff.

Report for London to Portsmouth and back    Schedule for London to Portsmouth and back

Some other related stuff, including cuttings

Report for the Brighton failure    Schedule for Brighton record   

Notes for learning the route, ride logistics, etc

Report on Poole Wheelers 12 hour    A solo Competition Record!

(20 years later, Barry Charlton beat my record with 259m.  He had a tough day, so there may be more to be added by someone...)

Failing to get to the start for Land's End to London   Sigh.    Schedule for the attempt

(I also submitted schedules for London to York, but now using the A1000 and A1 rather than A10)

(It looks like I was also considering extending the journey to Edinburgh, but probably decided there was no point going through a whole load of extra misery just to improve your own records)

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