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At the end of the 1993 season, I was keen to attempt Land's End to London, given the chance.

We got a suitable weather forecast, and I set off for Land's End, accompanied by Audrey Hughes, Andy Gallacher and Glenn Longland.

Unfortunately, my car broke down when we still had 30 miles to go before reaching our digs.

An electrical fault, at 7pm on a Sunday, in Cornwall, and we weren’t going anywhere.  The AA patrolman kindly arranged digs for us in Fraddon,   The next morning showed the weather to be quite suitable, as a fair wind was indeed blowing towards London.  Unfortunately, as we observed this, I should have been travelling for a couple of hours, and not still sitting at the breakfast table.

When we had obtained the part required, we took lunch in Newquay, and set off for home. 

We had considered delaying the attempt for 24 hours, but weather was not suitable, so that was that.

Rather irritating for all concerned.

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