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This page covers activity in 1992

There were three rides, with three successes and three fails.

1992  RTTC #2 50 miles solo tricycle, team record 6h 15m 43s

1992  RTTC #3 25 miles solo tricycle, team record 2h 59m 26s

1992  RRA #7 Land's End to John o'Groats solo tricycle 2d 5h 29m 1s for 840 miles
1992  Failed at RRA 12 hours, 24 hours, 1000 miles (as part of above)

A couple of successes and a bit of a disappointment

Report of 50 Team 25 Team and failed 24 hour  

Here's part of the paperwork for the 25.  There were more riders, but this page has all of our stuff.  Fans of Mr Cottington (with memories going back to 1970) will note that the field layout is possibly not following the RTTC guidelines.  Putting Dave Pitt behind me and putting Pete Pickers behind Glenn might not be showing full respect for the "avoid the risk of company riding wherever possible".  But we got away with it...

(27 year later, in 2019, a team from Lincoln Wheelers demolished both Team Record times. 
Messrs Pike, Newham & Mason :  25 time 2:54:17  50 time 5:51:33   )

And here's the Grand Adventure : The End to End

The first item is my account, including the elements of preparation and research.

Report of Land's End to John o'Groats      Schedule for Land's End to John o'Groats

I'd urge you to also read these two items as well, to get a wider perspective on the planning needed along with all the behind-the-scenes activity.  John also covers of the weather aspects in a bit more detail.

John Dalton's take on the End to End ride

Martin Purser's take on the End to End ride

And then we also have:

My note on logistics  The Game Plan        Thoughts about the course  Pace Notes

The Clothing strategy      And the Feeding plan.   As organiser and rider, you can't be managing this 'on the fly'.

And finally, several pages of background and memorabilia, including schedule & full story of Eric Tremaine's ride in 1982, other essays, press cuttings and letters/cards received after the event.

I was obviously not feeling tired after that, because I appear to have submitted a schedule for Land's End to London in September.  Crazy.

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