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This page covers activity in 2002

There were six successful attempts, and one failure.

2002  North & West Home Counties RRA
          London to Oxford and back tandem-tricycle with Marina Bloom  5h 2m 31s for 109 miles

2002  Eastern Counties RRA
          London to Cambridge and back tandem-tricycle with Dave Johnson  4h 24m 11s for 104 miles

2002  RTTC #12  100 miles tandem-tricycle with Marina Bloom  4h 3m 12s

2002  RTTC #13  30 miles tandem-tricycle with Dave Johnson 1h 1m 15s

2002  RTTC #14  12 hours tandem-tricycle with Dave Johnson 278 miles

2002  Failed RRA Birmingham to London tandem-tricycle with Dave Johnson, missed by 10s.

2002  RRA #31   Cardiff to London tandem-tricycle with Marina Bloom  7h 4m 35s for 152 miles

Report of London Oxford and back with Marina   Schedule for London Oxford and back

And then we had another go at one we failed on last year...

Report London Cambridge and back with Dave   Schedule London Cambridge

Then another bit of unfinished business from 2001 (although this definitely wasn't our fault!)

Brief Report of ECCA 100 - with Marina

Celebrating my 38th birthday in style (and on a concrete dual-carriageway).

Report of the Leo RC 30 - with Dave

Another big effort, to reclaim a record lost a few years earlier.

Report of Icknield RC 12 hour - with Dave 

But here's one where too many things went wrong.

Report of Birmingham-London failure - with Dave   Birmingham schedule   Birmingham schedule with annotations

The essay speaks of some other incident on the way home.  No, I don't remember what it was...

And finally (quite a busy year!) this

Report for Cardiff to London with Marina   Schedule for Cardiff to London

It looks like Dave & I had a Schedule for Cardiff to London submitted, but we didn't do the ride.

And we also had a rather ambitious London-York,York-Edinburgh,London-Edinburgh,12hour,24hour schedule.  Sigh.

And Marina and I were also looking at Schedule for London to Bath and back.

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