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This page covers activity in 1994

There were three rides, with two successes.

1994  RRA #9 Birmingham to London solo tricycle 4h 48m 49s for 113 miles

1994  RRA #10 Edinburgh to Liverpool solo tricycle 9h 54m 29s for 215 miles

1994  Failed at RRA Cardiff to London solo tricycle stopping at 70 miles

Report for Birmingham to London    Schedule for Birmingham to London

The timing was less than ideal here.  I had ridden a 12 hour on the Sunday.   I'd just about got everything cleaned up and put away during Monday.   And then the fax machine delivered the charts which said "North winds on Thursday!".

Report for Edinburgh to Liverpool    Schedule for Edinburgh to Liverpool

Some cuttings, schedules, reports etc relating to Edinburgh-Liverpool

Mildly amusing note to add concerning the timekeeper from Edinburgh.   As noted in the report, I struggled to find someone.  When Jock Shaw agreed to do the job, there was just one remaining hurdle to deal with.   As he wasn't on the RRA list of timekeepers, the RRA Secretary needed to give him a ring to check that he was suitably experienced for the job.   The conversation went something like this:
"Could you describe your level of experience as a timekeeper please?"
"Do you remember the Commonwealth Games was based in Edinburgh a few years back?"
"Yes, sure"
"I was Chief Timekeeper for the Track Cycling"
(slight pause)
"I think that will be fine thanks!"

Report of failed Cardiff to London   Schedule for Cardiff to London

I also submitted a schedule for London to Brighton and back.  I'd moved my start point 2 miles south, to the summit of the North Downs.

And another schedule for London to York.

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