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This page covers activity in 2003 and 2004

There were three attempts, all successful.

2003  Midlands RRA 
         Birmingham to Northampton and back tandem-tricycle with Marina Bloom  3h 56m 42s for 91 miles

2003  RRA #32 Birmingham to London tandem-tricycle with Marina Bloom  4h 57m 20s for 112 miles

2004  RRA #33   London to Bath and back tandem-tricycle with Marina Bloom  10h 39m 36s for 211 miles

Child #2 was due to arrive in April, so I had to get a record attempt in early in the year.  10 days after this, he arrived.

Report for Birmingham-Northampton and back with Marina    Schedule for Birmingham to Northampton and back

Not in the notes, but there was an incident along the Coventry ring road. A policeman on a motor-bike saw us sneaking among the traffic and decided to have a word with us.  He had to admit that he'd been chasing us through quite a few junctions before finally getting ahead to pull us up.  He had stopped us to ask what the sign on Marina's back was about.  The 'race number' which said "Cycle Record Attempt".  After a couple of minutes of polite exchange, we were sent on our way.    

Quite a lot later in the year, it was back to Birmingham again.

Report on Birmingham-London with Marina   Schedule for Birmingham London   Weather chart showing forecast of good conditions.

And then, in 2004, it was back to Bath

Report of Bath-and-back with Marina    Schedule for London Bath & back

Further to the report, we were notified later that David Duffield had witnessed our ride in Box - but purely by chance.  He hadn't received any notification and so was going on with regular life.   He walked out of the newsagents, and was suddenly confronted by us riding past on the tandem tricycle!    I hope he sent a witness report in.

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