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This page covers activity in 1996

There were four rides, all successes, yielding five records.

1996  RRA #16 Cardiff to London solo tricycle 6h 45m 59s for 150 miles

1996  RRA #17 York to Edinburgh solo tricycle 8h 39m 43s for 186 miles

1996  Southern RRA Purley to Eastbourne and back solo tricycle 4h 35m 45s for 99 miles

1996  RRA #18 12 hours solo tricycle 266.3 miles
1996  RRA #19  Land's End to London solo tricycle 13h 16m 13s for 290 miles

Second try at this one.

Report for Cardiff to London   Schedule for Cardiff to London

Weather charts, split times etc

This next one was a bit intimidating.  The record was broken 4 times in the early 1960s.  John Parr, John Pardoe and John Parr again took it down from 10h 28m to 10h 4m.  Then John Arnold came along.  He produced a stupefying 8h 48m to scare everyone off for a few decades.

Report for York to Edinburgh    Schedule for Edinburgh to York or reverse 

Actuals, weather charts etc      RRA Ledger extract for the early 1960s.

And then, for reasons outlined in the report, we re-awakened the Southern RRA

Report for Purley to Eastbourne and back   Schedule for Purley to Eastbourne and back

(at the start of the report, I say that this was my first 'regional' record attempt.  This seems to have forgotten the Scottish stuff in 1993)

And just a few days later, this:

Report for Land's End to London    Schedule for Land's End to London

Press reports, charts etc

I was making my way through the solo tricycle records quite nicely, and was getting to the point where I needed to diversify before I ran out of options!

Unsurprisingly, record attempts on a tandem-tricycle suddenly became of interest again.   I wasn't likely to ride with Dave Pitt (as was planned 10 years earlier), but Gerry Lewis had both the machinery and the enthusiasm to give such ideas potential to become reality.

Accordingly, I submitted a Schedule for Land's End to London with Gerry Lewis on tandem-tricycle.   Nothing came of it on this occasion, but we did get some rides done in 1997.

Continuing the tradition, this was my fourth year of submitting paperwork for the (solo) London to Brighton and back.

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