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Let's start with a schedule written out for York-Edinburgh rather than the other way.         Back to Rides in 1996
And this has actual times and loads of geeky analysis.

Here's a note from George Siddle, concerned that I might be thinking of going through the very centre of Darlington. (I wasn't - I used the inner ring road)

Here's the sequence of charts, starting at T+120, looking 5 days ahead.
Not very exciting, with SE or even E winds.  Looking for something closer to SSE.

T+96 is a little more interesting, but still not really enough South.

At T+72 it was looking more like it, although the front over Ireland needed to stay put.   I decided to notify of my intention to go on the 5th.

Things were still ok at T+48, so I packed the car.

And the final chart, T+24, confirmed what we would get.  Almost the perfect wind direction.

Next we have the phone call list

I received this note from John Parr, who broke the record twice in the early sixties.

I also heard from Herbert Dixon, one of the York witnesses.

And from Ted Bays

And finally, a card from Chris Watts.

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