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It shows the sequence of York to Edinburgh (or reverse) records on tricycle in 1962 and 1963.
Part way through the first page, John Parr lowers the record to 10h 23m 1s in October 1962.
Then in October 1963, John Pardoe trimmed it to 10h 21m 15s.
Within days, John Parr took a chunk off to reclaim the record with 10h 4m 24s.

And then John Arnold stepped up a couple of weeks later.  8h 48m 28s.

There are also a few other random interesting bits on these pages.

David Duffield was pretty active on page 1, including his London to York plus 12hrs. I'm guessing he must've blown up after reaching York, as he only covered 40 miles in the 3 hours he had left.

And then there's John Woodburn's Cardiff to London ride on the Moulton.

Towards the end of the second page, you can see the effect of the Severn Bridge opening. 
This shortened the Cardiff to London course and provoked four claims to record!. 

Woody's record was broken by Bryan Catt.  Then Vic Nicholson grabbed it back for Moulton.
Stan Spelling first teamed up with Martin Purser and then rode on his own for two records each on three wheels.
The tricycle record was taken from David Duffield, who had (like Woody) taken the long route.  A couple of years later, on a very windy day, Mr Duffield took the record back.

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