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The Mersey 24 hour, July 2005.           Back to Rides in 2005

I can't find any material on this ride other than a few photos.        

As I recall, Dave and I stayed with Mike Johnson & Yvonne before the race.  I believe we were supported by my brother Tim and by Toby Capell.

Ferg Muir captured us as we started our effort, at approx 3pm on the Saturday.

(I'm quite conscious that my helmet wouldn't have been much use in a crash.  The straps needed adjustment to get it sit properly.)

We had a target of about 430 miles, and so were fairly confident.  My guess is that we probably will have ridden about 250-255 miles for the first half.

These photos will have been in the first 100 miles.

We look quite comfortable, and by the next morning we would have had a clothes change.

Cornering at speed.  Possibly.  Or just posing for the photographer.

It's hard to tell, but this looks a bit less relaxed.

And I'll speculate that this is at Prees Island.   Either that, or we're cornering quite assertively.

We equalled the record with 2h 15m of the 24 hours remaining.   Our motivation fell off a cliff at that stage.  We should have added 45 miles in the remaining time, but somehow we could only drag ourselves along for about 35 miles.

We managed to go slightly further than Crimes and Arnold had done in their End to End ride, and so it was the furthest a tandem-tricycle had done in 24 hours.  But, really, we had all the kit, and they did their ride before either of us were born.   So I think they still have the bragging rights.

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