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It was deep into October, but I squeezed just one more ride in.   Another one where Glenn Longland was going for the bike record on the same day.   I started at 1000, he was off an hour later at 1100.

This was a route I'd been over when riding the back of Gerry Lewis' tandem tricycle in 1997.   So there weren't any surprises and I came in a few minutes ahead of the previous record.

Glenn was a bit less fortunate, not having been over the route beforehand.   He was going very well, but unfortunately took a wrong turn as he was leaving Newbury.  He managed to get to Wantage, but having made quite a detour on the wrong roads.

He wasn't downhearted, though, and immediately said he wanted another try.   Two weeks later he did the ride on the correct course and relieved John Woodburn, a great friend and cycling hero, of one of his records.

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