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It's clear that the ride wasn't going to plan until we got onto some fast roads.   Trouble is, there aren't many fast roads for this ride...

The weather chart for T+120 (ie 5 days ahead) made it clear that I had to do something but it wasn't quite clear what.

Even at that point, it looked likely that the entirety of a Land's End to London would take place after the front was through.  And so the wind would always be something of a cross/tail wind, rather than purely tail.

The situation a day later confirmed that the front would be through before us, but it still seemed worth a try.

Not sure what happened to any subsequent charts, but I can't find them.   That said, the reality was that the front did go through in the night.  We had plenty of wind to help us, but just not ideal direction.

For probably in excess of 50 years, Syd and Elaine Hancock would be the first RRA checkers for any record attempt starting from Land's End.  I first saw them in 1992 when on my way to John o'Groats.  I got my last wave from Elaine in 2008.

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