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Before the start :

Best wishes for your attempt.

I look forward to reading your eloquent description after the event.




Good luck and have fun !!


good luck ralph and chum

we are on our way to san francisco and wish you well. don't forget to take a sou wester...

di and patrick

Patrick Hughes, Artist


Very best of good fortune to you and Paul.


Graham & Anne Mann

Hainault RC


All the best to you and Paul, I'd come and give you a cheer if I was on the route

I'll check the tt forum to see if I can follow your progress on line

Have a safe and fast ride

Glenn Still


[The next one is from a friend who has lost the use of one of his legs]

All the very best to you both! I look forward to hearing your news and hope it will be good news!

I've had virtually no time for cycling this year [...]  Due to my lack of time for cycling, I experimented with running using a crutch and a walking stick. I remain unsure about how my hip will hold out, but so far signs are positive. I did a 10km race last Saturday and got round with a lot of encouragement from a friend running with me in 48-25. If Oscar Pistorius is the fastest person on no legs, maybe I'm the fastest on 4 legs??!! I stop working (early retirement) next May and so I expect to resume cycling next year.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
Hugh Culverhouse



Will try and get to the piece just below Ide interchange, Exeter, where you hit the first set of traffic lights.

Good luck

Ken R

Ken Robertson


Hi Ralph

Hope everything goes well for you and Paul on Wednesday & the weather isn't too unkind.

Good luck!!!

Mary Smile emoticon


Good luck Ralph - looks like you'll get wet but the wind looks ok!  Fingers crossed for you both.

[that’s Mr Cammish, by the way]


Hi Ralph

Good luck for this attempt. Hope the wind helps you.




Good luck, Ralph and Paul.  We hope you have a warm gale on your backs all the way.

Myra and Roger Alma


Good luck to you both in this attempt.



Thanks Ralph

Very best of luck for the ride!



All the best to you both, cheers Glenn


Ralph & Paul,
                Good luck and we'll be thinking of you.
                                                                  Mike & Marina.


Good luck Ralph. I see Paul's just done the three Peaks - reasonable training for this I suppose! I hope it all goes well and I look forward to hearing about it.



Hi Ralph

I'll be at the top of Beacon Hill in the Lay-by to see you through.  Good luck with your ride.

The local forecast is for 29mph Westerly Winds.


Jim Pitt


Good luck Ralph!


Dr Andy Foggo


Hello Raph,

Thank you very much for informing.

We wish you all the best en will be in full support tomorrow. Let us hope the weather gods show some respect. Have a look at www.3wielweb.be .

All info or reports are welcome, including photos and especially a photo of Paul Mace.

André Van Bosbeke


I'm too far north to come and give you a shout.

But good luck and be safe.

Charles McCulloch


Best of luck - new, younger hind-legs, I see !

Actually went to Lands End a few weeks ago. Bleak, innit !




Hi Ralph,

Good luck. The weather is looking pretty decent at the moment on

All the best.

Carl Saint



Thank you for your e-mail.  Chris has been cycling in the Pyrenees and won't be back for another week but I shall keep him informed of notice of your attempt.  I'm sure he'll want to witness it and cheer you on if he's back in time.


Lydia Barretto



Just to wish you good luck for your record attempt

Sorry I didnt emailled before. I have moved up to Edinburgh to do a MSc in Carbon Management and left my glittering career as a transport planner so it was all a bit hectic. The course is great so far very busy mind you but brilliant. I have joined the cycling club but so I dont have any races planned I need to see how the academic work goes.

Are you still in Basingstoke or have you moved back to Reading?

Anyway good luck I hope the record attempt goes well

Best Wishes





During or after the ride:


Going well at Chiverton Cross rounderbout 32 miles out.

Timed at 08:21- 300yards east of the A390 on the A30.

If the wind keeps blowing the way it is they should break the record.

I wish them luck.


Dick Abram  



Woke up to the sound of wind in the trees and went to the computer to check if the the Lands End – London record attempt has got under way, and indeed it has.

It is TANDEM TRIKE , RALPH DADSWELL (Antelope RT) & PAUL MACE (High Wycombe CC) and they are going for the 12 hour straight out record as well.

If you notice this TA East News soon enough, you will be able, if you wish and have the time,  to follow progress on the Invision Timetrialling Forum website


may take you right there, but if not the main address is   http://www.timetriallingforum.co.uk/

Then go to Main Topic Area and then Lands End London record attempt and then scroll down through the announcement and good luck messages to the bottom, where the latest news will be found.


Ralph and Paul,

Brian and I estimate your 12 hour distance as 262.6 miles. (Bagshot A322/A30 junction less 0.8 miles). Brian will email you a copy of the certificate tomorrow.

Well done, I hope the rest of the ride was successful without too much traffic into London.




I missed Minder today to follow your progress

sounds like you only just missed the 12 hour due to delays in Camberley, the lady in the car thought you were just short

Are there any place to place records you don't hold?

Well done

Glenn S


Well we think we're hard up North but that was an outstanding acheivement on such a lousy day.

Many congratulations Ralph!



Congratluations Ralph/Paul.  Great ride in not ideal conditions.  Hope you're right and you finally got that elusive 12hr record Ralph.  What a great ride that must have been all those years ago.

Must admit I didn't think you would make it (12hr), especially with the problems you were to face from Basingstoke onwards.  I know what Black Dam RAB can be like having worked in Basingstoke.

Again, great ride.


Jim Pitt



My hero!  Well done Ralphie.  I was thinking of you all day.  I’m going 2 tell them at work 2moro. Hope u get a massage on those legs.  Joo x



Hi Ralph,

Many congratulations, also from the Belgian team. We were following the exceptional and thrilling day and spread regularly news via our website, which caught quite some interest.

A report from the day would be very welcome, if possible of course, allong with photos.

Also I would like to do an interview with you for the website sometime in the near future. Would that be ok?

Lastly, to inform we are having a "2 Days of Tricycle Racing" on May 23 & 24 2009. If interest, please be welcome. More to come on our website.

Again, congratulations to both of you and thanks for a thrilling day.

André Van Bosbeke


Good ride (s) - quite a feat to get the 12 as well.

If ever you think of a 12 attempt on the flat of the Fens (then a 24, just do it twice) let me know !

No doubt your wife would have told you that you have just rolled up the wheel tracks of one Lionel Martin...... 

Regards to all,
John Purser

[ Lionel Martin was the founder of Aston Martin motor cars ]


Hope it went well.


Margaret Shaw


Congratulations, Ralph.  We followed your progress through the day.  You certainly laid on some drama for your fans.  The traffic must have been very frustrating approaching London.  The distance and time look very impressive.

Please pass on our best wishes to Paul.

Myra and Roger Alma


Congratulations on your 2 records.

Very well done indeed. They were certainly overdue for an update !

Best wishes 

Paul Newby


Hi Ralph and Paul
Well done!!  What an amazing achievment.  I had a feeling that you would make good time especially with that wind!! 
Congratulations to you both, many thanks for letting me know your final time.

{this was the lady from the digs}


Congratulations on both records - great riding

Bob Edwards


        Congratulations on getting both the records that you went for,well done.

We have sent a report to Brian Edrupt (this morning) niether Ron or I saw any infringements

the only comment we would make is that you could have fitted some small flashing L E D rear lights as It did get a bit dull at about eleven and a half hours,otherwise no problems.

There are no expenses to pay,you are welcome,very pleased to help.

All the best.



Congrats to yourself and Paul – it was quite exciting following the updates on the TT forum, so where to next!??



{that’s John Dowling}


I came in and looked in the bag.  There were three things.  My brain wasn’t working well, but I thought I’d ordered two items.  Perhaps one came in two parts?  The guy had said “This is yours, this is his,” hadn’t he?”  Then a dreadful doubt – but it was 11.15, far too late to phone………………

Anyway it would have gone to waste so I ate it as far as possible, the second part yesterday and there is still enough for shrimps in rice for one in the freezer!!!!!!  My conscience is not really clear, but you certainly don’t owe me anything.  I just hope you didn’t go to bed too hungry.

I’ve sent the papers to Brian today and I’ll email a copy if I can.  Congratulations anyway.  It looked a lot harder than I expected.


{that’s after she took my Chinese Takeaway dinner home with her}


                          MIKE & MARINA.



        On O.S Map 186 the Grid Reference is: SU.909632 in Bagshot imediately after a set of Pedestrian Controlled lights at LP.No 181 Corner of Church Road (Leading to College Ride.)

This info is on the claim form that went to Brian Edrupt.

I do not recall a flashing rear light during the time I was behind you,so I reckon it must have gone out or the batt died?.

Trust you have recovered from the Epic.

Hope this helps.



You are without any doubt in my book a hero of indie record lable proportions thus and equals uber cool and I shall without any royal doubt be buying you and the mace a beer at the club dinner.congratulations sire

(that’s from Chippo)



Congratulations mate and enjoyed reading the full script!





                Congratulations! Scott gave us the rundown yesterday at the HWCC (wet) 100km – really great effort from both of you.

Kind Regards, John





Sorry we missed you on your way thru - my computer playing up and I dont think I saw any notifications   - Perhaps next time!!!

Ann Owens

C S Dynamo (Exmouth)





       Firstly well done on another successful record attempt.

       Interesting read.        You say 150 miles need to be measured, does this mean that you did a different route to all previous attempts ?, I have no idea when the last one was. 

      Regards     Gordon


Thanks, Ralph.

You are one of my favourite authors!

From our club records:
1955 Tandem Bicycle Ron/Frank Powney 13-27-00 for LE-London
1974 Tricycle Frank Cubis 14-48-22

Ron and Frank will be glad to hear that you didn't better their ride whilst lugging that extra wheel along.

Congrats on the Result.



a good read, you make it sound relatively easy

any photos?

hope you didn't mind the updates on the tt forum, there was a lot of interest in your progress, your topic had 15 to 20 viewers most of the day, I did try to get a final update to say if you had beaten both records but there was no answer

(Glenn Still)


Cheers Ralph, I really enjoyed your article.

Fancy doing the 3 Peaks and going for Land’s End to London in the space of  week...that mans an animal!!

Hope you are recovered from your efforts and looking forward to the next one





Congratuations -I regret domestic matters kept me at home so I missed your passage through Exeter.

On improvements - it is not the intention of the responsible government departments to improve the A303 between Honiton and Ilminster so it will be a poor surface and adverse cambers for the forseeable future.  They want motor traffic - the important people - to use the M5 and then an improved link from Taunton down to Ilminster.

Ken R



Thanks for a very entertaining write-up of your ride. 

Bloody well done for doing it !

See you at the dinner,



Dear Ralph,

Many thanks for the report which I will read fully later on. But I could not resist checking the important bits out while still at work! Heartiest congratulations to you both on a superb effort! I hope the beans on toast tasted OK after your return home! As for Paul's travelling up north within minutes of finishing: amazing! It was also nice for me to read of many names I know from my past cycling in England out there on the roads through Surrey helping you out. Norman Howson was one of the first people I ever knew in cycling after I joined Weybridge Wheelers many many years ago (1970)! Trevor Gilbert also was around and flying at the time!

I have tried "running" this year due to a total lack of time for cycling. I use an elbow crutch and a walking stick to minimise weight-bearing on my left leg, and it's been fun but quite a strain so far. The biggest problem to start with was blisters on my right hand from holding the stick! I have done 2 races: a mass participation race in Munich over 6.7km in which I took 40 mins to cross the start line after about 25000 others. I must have overtaken approx. 10000 runners on the way to finish with 34-39. My position amongst the men was 10015. And last w/e, I entered a local 10km race and had the help of an experienced running friend to help with pacing and encouragement. He did a great job and I ended up with 48-25: well inside my "dream time" of 49-59. I was well and truly kaputt at the end! For my extra pleasure, I got 3rd in my age category (55-59).

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
Hugh Culverhouse


Thanks for the read, very good as always.
You should string them all together into a book with photos one day!


Hi Ralph
Congratulations on A. Surviving and B. Beating the record
Nice one !!!
Am just back on the bike now after a pretty dull 3 and 1/2 months watching fairly crappy movies in the garage on a turbo !! Cyclocross becons I only hope the ground is less hard than tarmac....


Hello Ralph

Thanks for the story. We were returning from Texas when you did your ride....I think the weather was hotter for us!

Well done....will Paul accompany you to JoG then?

I really don't know how you get the trike through the London traffic!! Whenever I go to London with Toby there are buses and taxis everywhere and 1000's of cyclists whizzing around. Toby takes his Brompton for ease.

So what fuel did you use this time? I think last time I "spoke" to you and read your story about the Le joG attempt you tried using Hammer's Perpetuem? I use Hammer products (as I think I told you), but use the Sustained Energy and Soy Protein .

But I guess it depends entirely on what sits best inside you.

I must say, your stories are MUCH more readable than those long, dull "stories" by Steve Abraham. I don't think I have ever finished one of his accounts...

Best wishes

Ann aka Wolf Spider


Wow. Well done. Congratulations to you both.

Sounds like a well deserved record. Well planned, well executed.

Whilst sympathizing about your meal disappearing into the night, what happened to Paul? Did he catch the train, did he arrive, or was he found at John O'Groats asleep in a heap on the platform?

Wonderful story. Thank you.

John Day.

Good ride eh Ralph. Looks like its been a good year for you.

See we were neck and neck in the BBAR tables. I seem to have just won out by a few fractions of a mph due to my 12h. Odd looking at those around me in the BBAR tables – my 12h ride seems to have been my best.

Anyway all the best again, and what plans for next year?



Thanks Ralph, a true cycling event!



Congratulations on a great ride and thanks for a great write-up. You did get the 12-hour distance as well, didn't you? So Paul Mace is in northumberland now... he should get together with Mark, who'd welcome a familiar face.

I have often thought you were underdressed for the conditions...



Hi Ralph,
Congratulations to you both on your recent record ride!
My husband, Bob Smith, was a roadside checker on the A303 between Chicklade and Wylye - I tagged along to see how you were doing and took a few photos while I was at it.
I thought you might like to have a look so have attached them here at low resolution. I'm afraid I couldn't change the weather or traffic for better compositions so they are not fantastic pictures, however, if there are any that you would like at higher resolution then please let me know.
Best wishes,



Thanks, Ralph.  We were very pleased with your success. and hope to see you at the TA dinner.

Best wishes



Many congratulations""
Jack Martin(PBC)


Congratulations on a new record.  I have printed off your account and
pinned it up on the noticeboard here, so expect to be congratulated next
time you have to set up a peregrine.






I enjoyed your version very much.

Congratulations to you both - You deserved the record after all that you went through and had to put up with.

Tom Greep



Excellent stuff. Well done to the pair of you. I've sparred with Paul before now in the CX but I don't suppose I'm going to be close this year with all those miles in his legs!


(Stephen Bale, Reading CC)


Ralph. Many congratulations to both Paul & yourself. Sounds like a tough ride (bikes travelling over walking pace does seem to confuse drivers somewhat) but at least with success at the end. Best regards, Andrew.


Well done, to both of you. Please pass on my regards to Mr Mace. He's within cycling distance of here when he's in Alnwick. But then, as far as you two are concerned, anyone in the UK is within cycling distance!
Tell Paul that if he fancies a night out on the Toon to drop me a line.
Cheers, Mark


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