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Here's a selection of letters and cards received after the ride, including some from 'giants' of the record-breaking game.

Starting with Eric & Carol Tremaine

Peter Barlow

Johnny Helms from Warrington, better known as a cycling cartoonist for many decades.

Stuart Jackson

The Hancock family in Penzance.  Probably more than 50 years of End-to-Ends witnessed by Syd or Elaine.

Pat & Eddie Mundy

Pat Kenny

Les & Lilian Heald

Chris Watts

Ted Bays

Postcard from Andy Burnet

Les Bowerman

Richard Lake couldn't find a suitable card, so made one...

A note, later on, from Chris Watts.  Including a slightly naughty comment...?

So, to compensate, something found in the same Cycling magazine as the Mick Coupe and Eric Tremaine cuttings.

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