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A few odd notes etc, starting with one of the pages of an Observers Report.  It's not often that such a document includes the word "deluded".

Next, one of the pages where my mother recorded every call received relating to the record attempt.

Some press reports of the ride.   

The Time Trial Weekly report is mostly accurate, although it was Hedley who timed the finish. 
Some of the paragraphs from Cycling Weekly are definitely quite confused, but I'm still pleased it went in.

Chris Davies writing for the Southampton & Portsmouth newspapers:

And then, the Isle of Wight County Press.

Peter Barlow penned some reflections on being in the communications hub for an End to End

Mr Woodburn reckoned I hadn't done enough training, and he may well have been right.   I found my mileage summary for 1992.  A few decent weeks, but loads of pretty light ones.  Maybe I was a 'chancer' even then.

Not really sure where to put this, but these photos were taken from the car as we drove home.  It shows what you get as you decend into Berriedale.  Add some poor weather & extreme tiredness to get the full effect.

Final item here is the postcard sent by the Secretary to members of the committee, informing them of the result.
In 1992, this was a perfectly sensible way of doing it.

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