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A mere 17 days after the Southampton ride, I was out there again.

It was a little closer to home this time, with the chosen route being London to Oxford and back.

This was another double attempt with Mr Longland going for the bike record on the same day.  He started at 6am with me setting off 15 minutes later.  Checkers at the London end won't have had to hang around for too long for me.  Bit more of a gap at Oxford, I guess.

This was certainly a day with a rising west wind.   I have little recollection of the bulk of the ride, but the finishing section on the Western Avenue was super fast and with a little drama.

I was doing 40 mph in the final miles, waiting for my car to overtake to allow the timekeeper to be in place at the finish.  They never overtook, and so it was lucky that Glenn and his entourage were still waiting for me. 

After making a note of my arrival time, Trevor Gilbert checked with me as to the plan.  He had looked after Glenn and had thought his work was done.   "Was I supposed to time you in?" he asked me.   I confirmed that that wasn't down for him to do, but I'm quite pleased he did.

Next on our list for the spring was the 150 mile London to Marlborough and back.  This is basically a cut down London to Bath and back, missing out the picturesque countryside bit, but keeping all the urban stuff with the traffic lights.   Am I not selling it well?   It also cuts out all the hills.
(photos by John Dalton.  Westbound at Maidenhead/A308 and then eastbound near the Thicket.  See the whole set)

This adventure was back to the tandem tricycle with Gerry.  I can't really remember much of the day, but I have noticed that the schedule was an arbitrarily selected 6h 54m.   We came in with 6h 55m, so it wasn't a bad guess!

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