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This is another one where I can't find any notes on the ride.    Back to Rides in 1999

The idea was to use the A12 '100' course with a decent SW wind.  The record Dave & I would be chasing certainly seemed achievable, but it would need most things to be in our favour.

On the day, the wind was strong but not quite in the right direction.   When I'd used this course in 1990 the wind had been right.  A consequence of this was that when crossing the Orwell Bridge I felt in fear of my life because of the spectacular crosswinds.

On this occasion, however, the only point when we had a perfect tailwind was on the Orwell Bridge.   So while were generally making decent progress, we didn't get the assistance that we were hoping for, particularly in the second half.

At 85 miles, it was clear that we weren't going fast enough, and so we stopped.  I'm sure there were a few other factors, but alas the passage of time means I can't remember them.

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