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plus a couple of Facebook threads, and then comments received later

(some came directly to me, some were supplied by Brian, the RRA Records Secretary)


Hi, Ralph

Greetings from the Tour of Britain - tonight in Telford Best wishes for your ride - sorry I cannot see it.

Kind regards


Tom Morley


Hope all goes well and looking forward to hearing about it all in due course. 

Rob Green


Good Luck!


Good Luck!  I guess that means you've got a day off tomorrow.



Good luck and no bottling !!

Andy Gallacher


Thanks for the info., and good luck!

Best regards,

Geoff Lonsdale


Good luck


John and Joyce

John Leiper, Northumberland


Good Luck Ralph and Paul.


Dick Hope


Good luck tomorrow Ralphie!


Julie Whitehouse


Good luck to you both.

Stephen Downham

Serjeant Buzfuz, Pickwick BC


Good luck, Ralph.  We hope it doesn't rain.

Myra and Roger

Roger Alma, checked in rain near Raglan


Let's hope the winds are fair and the rain refreshing rather than drenching. A modest 112 miles for me and Dave the Dentist (who has just been banned for 6 months for double-entering events) to Alston and back. Lots of climbing. Lots of sunshine. Lots of pain.
Please wish Paul all the best too.

Mark Pardoe

All the best Ralph,

I’m afraid that’s the date of my cataract operation so I shan’t be able to see you through, but hopefully I’ll see you more clearly when we next meet.


Martin Badham


Ralph and Paul,

Won't be able to see you but all the best, hope the rain isn't too bad.

Ron Osborne

(timed the 12 hr at Bagshot)


Hi Ralph.

We were hoping that you would be coming through Marlborough where we could have waved you on but not to worry.

Our very best wishes & good luck.

Take care.

Jan & Ian


Brilliant , will try to track you and good luck etc.

Brian Phillips


Ralph: this is very exciting and I wish you both all the very best of luck. The idea of attempting any of these longer place-to-place records in the UK these days is quite daunting, not only because of the existing high standards but also because of the extremely unpleasant eternal confrontation with road traffic and larger faster roads. My fingers are crossed for you.
All the best,

Hugh Culverhouse



The thread on the timetrialling forum is this :




Messages received after the ride


Hi All

Congratulations are due to Ralph & Paul on another record.

Subject to RRA ratification the new time is 11hrs 34 min 58 sec.

Please watch the RRA web site for confirmation.



Brian Edrupt, RRA Secretary


Hi Ralph & Paul

Congratulations on another record.

Subject to RRA ratification the new time is 11hrs 34 min 58 sec. ( but you know this )

Please don't leave it so late next time. I've  been on the edge of my seat jumping up and down ALL afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done


Brian, Jean, Alan

Same as above, but a personal message

Hi Ralph,

Many congratulations.




Alex Kirk, RRA Aspirant.


Hello Ralph

I understand that you and Paul have broken the record today.  Congratulations from Myra and myself.  My photograph of you taken near Raglan is not very good, but a friend at Abergavenny may have a better one which I will forward as soon as I can.  You certainly looked cheerful when you passed us.  We hope you enjoyed the ride.  We didn't envy you the last leg into London.

Best wishes


Roger Alma, tricyclist.


"Fantastic!" thanks for all the updates.

Best regards,

Geoff Lonsdale


Well done all!!!



Jeremy Hastings, Tea m Wiggle tandemist.


Steve Butterworth

Well done Ralph & Paul. My checksheet is in the post

Graham Kelly



Excellent ride then, although a bit close at the end.

I guess you never know what traffic you are likely to get in London at that time.

That has made my day. Wish them well from me if you speak to them again.

Graham Mann


Thanks and well done to the riders.

Peter Smith


hi ralph

good to see you going so well over the m40  motor way bridge  at near the oxford services. Paul on the back looked as he as enjoying himself.

hope the run into london went well and you got the record

martyn & brenda winter


Well done both you and Paul. 11-34-58!  Good one.
Mike & Marina.


Well done Ralph (and Paul)!

I've sent a witness report off to Brian Edrupt, and there are a few pictures here:



Howard Waller


Congratulations again Ralph!

We have been following your and Paul Mace's attempt, also on our website (www.3wielweb.be).

As I gather the last bit in London was quite hectic due to the traffic, which made it into a thriller. Am I wrong?

Anyhow, congrats again and hope to meet you in Blenheim.

André Van Bosbeke

(a very enthusiastic Belgian tricyclist)


For those who don't already know, Ralph Dadswell and Paul Mace beat the previous RRA record for a tandem trike on Tuesday Sept 14th.  Despite persistent drizzle all day and a frustrating run into London in rush hour traffic they passed the timekeeper at Marble Arch with just over 7 minutes to spare.  A sterling effort by both of them.

Scott Paterson


Well done, from Chris & John

Christine & John Watts, RRA and RTTC/CTT people for 50+ years…


Congratulations Ralph!!! Wel done both!!!! Jez

Excellent – both of yous!

Jez Hastings


At Northallerton. My ass hurts.

P Mace



Facebook Threads





(the next one’s out of sequence)




Stuff received since the essay was published


Well done and thanks for the write up it brings the attempt alive.

Martyn Heritage-Owen


Congratulations to you both well done.

Stephen Downham

Serjeant Buzfuz PBC


Well done on last week.

Tom Morley



<my reply> Faggot.

Must have been pretty hard seeing it all slip away like that.  And well done for refraining from criticising the stupid co-pilot who killed himself just before the attempt.  And forgot that he had changed pedals...

<my reply> Oh I get it now.

When you said "loser", you were talking about the bloke on the back.

It's all so obvious now you've explained it.

Toodle-pip, old chap.

Oh no, you are clearly the loser.  Even if you had hit your target.  It was a No-Win situation.  But it was entertaining that your "passenger" obviously didn't really care about the attempt.

Pip Pip

Nick Ikin


Dear Ralph,

you tell the tale of the ride so well! I liked the appearance of the highwayman after Gypsy Corner. 


Yours as always, Patrick

Patrick Hughes, Artist


A very interesting read, and "well done" to both parties!

Best regards,

Geoff Lonsdale


Thank you for the story, Ralph.  Myra and I wondered what caused the concern at the A449 junction at Raglan. 

Our friend Philippa was very impressed.

Best wishes


Roger Alma


Thanks, Ralph - an entertaining read with my wheaty-pops.

I was rather concerned with how you would cope with the run into London but it seems to have gone well.

However, a long vehicle with three wheels cannot be for the faint hearted!

Kind regards


Tom Morley (again)


Splendid write up, interesting.

Thank you and well done.

Regards     Gordon

Gordon Hart


As you say, history will only remember the record.  WELL DONE !!!

Andy Gallacher


CONGRATULATIONS to you BOTH. Well done Ralph. You got the weather right again. I enjoyed the story of it all and was kept up to date by the RRA. One day you must write a book and I will be the first to buy one. Once again WELL DONE

Jim Turner


Great account, Ralph.  Proud of my old schoolmate! (and Paul)
Victoria x

Victoria Newman


So you broke the record mainly because of a tail wind and dual carriageways?

<my reply> Don't forget the drugs, the train, and the fact that the previous pair had wooden legs.

Mark Robinson


Ralph and Paul,

Well done, under what appears to be trying conditions.

Ron Osborne


A nice account. Not without drama. What was the graunching noise, your Knee?

Mike Bloom


Great story, one I would like to include in the Pickwick BC Magazine.

Stan Rose

(Joe, The Fat Boy, Pickwick BC)


Congratulations Ralph and Paul - and thanks for the account - makes very good reading.

Bob Edwards (Saskatchewan, Canada)


Congratulations to you both - I enjoyed reading the story

John and Joyce

John Leiper, Northumberland


Well done!
I bumped into Roger on his way home on Sunday. I was on my way away from home for a bit of peace and quiet. :-)
Your ride came up in conversation, so I'm sending him the link.
BTW, Paul - we're having a party here in Fenham on Saturday 30th October. If you are still around, come on down. Get your Halloween costume on!
Ralph - you're welcome but you'll need lights.
Cheers, Mark

Mark Pardoe


Hi Ralph,

Congrats and the resume was very interesting.


Bob Clark




Excellent ride although a bit tight towards the end.

Well done to both you and Paul.


Graham Mann
Hainault Roads Club



A very good read.

Finished 53rd yesterday in 3 peaks not what I was hoping for, still I got round, only one puncture, one crash and I lost all my tools out of my saddle bag (allen keys, spoke key, chain splitter and 2 gas canisters) descending pen'y'ghent, somehow the zip undid itself and out everything popped.

Paul Mace (?)


Congratulations Ralph! A record is a record, whatever the circumstances, and you both should be very proud of your performance!
All my best wishes,
Hugh Culverhouse
PS I did a PB 44-11 yesterday in a 10km running race, my "running" using a crutch and a stick. I was quite chuffed with myself, particularly as I won my age category (M55) as well! 


Another success, well done.


Rob Green



thanks for not mentioning my ineptitude with roof racks and my penchant for falling over when getting ready to feed you. 



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