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This is the very brief report for the Mersey Roads 24 hour in July 2012, riding with Marina    Back to 2010-2019
(photos by Paul Morrissey)

The 24 hours in 2012 was not a great performance from me.  I guess my training was a bit 'autopilot', with just a casual presumption that things would be ok.   We had a target of just over 400 miles for the record, and frankly should have done at least 440. 

We started ok, but once into the night I was fading a bit.  I hadn't intended to have any solid food, just gels and drinks.   This worked for 12 hour races, but it was lucky that we had some stuff like bread rolls in the car. 

Paul Morrissey ran alongside at about 3am, pleading with me to have some proper food.   It took ages to eat, what with having hardly any saliva in my mouth.  


But I guess it did some good as I was feeling quite a lot better by the time we got to daybreak. 

Luckily Marina was a solid performer and we kept it together.  I think we all knew that we should've gone much faster, but I guess I wasn't motivated enough.  

Our official distance was 424.81 miles.

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